Friday, May 27, 2011

storytelling pinoy style

pinoys love to tell stories.

as a child,
i remember  sitting at our lively dinner table,
listening for hours,
as the older folks,
told stories, jokes, anecdotes...

as a teen,
i spent endless moments chatting with friends,
outwitting each other
with the corniest jokes,
till our eyes filled with tears 
from all the laughing.

as a teacher,
our classroom was transformed,
into an academic hearth,
where students gathered around in a circle,
where nothing was sacred,
and everything was subject to "intellectual" scrutiny.

as an aspiring comedian,
(an undercover one though)
politics and religion offer an infinite source 
of controversy and issues,
that make for interesting subjects
for irreverence and discourse.

as a neophyte blogger,
i now have the chance 
to share  the stories 
that i have heard, told, retold...
and enjoyed.

stories about the pinoy.
thus, this blog, utok pinoy...

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